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The North Devon Motor Club have been running Autocross events since the late 1940's on various farmers fields. In 1971 the club was in a fortunate position to purchase it's own land to run these events, this became know as Sugworthy Circuit, near High Bickington. In those early days of ownership the club also became renowned for running 4 Abreast Autocross events. This land is still under the ownership of the NDMC where it has been developed into  a major motor sporting venue with facilities in the southwest.

Autocross events involve cars racing around a grass track, usually in groups of two or four, against the clock. Each competitor will have practice heats; followed by three or four timed runs, with their lowest time being the one that counts.

This is a non-contact sport and, although standard cars are eligible to enter, it is normal for cars to be specially prepared with additional safety features fitted (such as a roll cage). In addition, competitors are required to wear fireproof racing overalls and a crash helmet.

The club currently run 2 two day events a year, in May and June or July, the earlier event is now known as the 'Gordon Rogers Autocross' in memory of a club member who devoted his motor sporting life to Autocross/Rallycross and Sugworthy Circuit.

Autocross Results May 20th/21st May

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