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Committee Information



Mr. Pat Jennings,  Tel: 01271 865935

Honorary Vice President

Mr. Rodney Murch


Mr. Bradley Down,  Mob: 07875 712683 E-mail - Sugworthy Key Holder


Mr. Steve Parker, Tel. 01271 372353   Email -

Please submit details of expenses incurred with the following form (link) and for details of income on the following form (link)


Mrs Bev Down,  Tel. 01271 346991. Mob. 07875 462436 Email -

Vice Chair 

Mr. Steve Parker, Tel. 01271 372353   E-mail

Competition Secretary 

Mr. John Barthram, Tel:01271 376341 Mob:07836 386464 Email -


Membership Secretary

Miss Megan Down,  Tel. 01271 346991 Email -

Press/Publicity Officer 

Joint Magazine Editor & Website Team

Social Secretary 

Miss Megan Down, Tel. 01271 346991 E-mail

Awards Secretary 

Ms. Tracey Bennett,  Mob. 07739 392182 Email -

Motorcycle Secretary 

Mr. Chris Barham,  Mob: 07749 970529 E-mail 

Club Chief Marshal 

Mr. Chris Balchin,  Mob: 07935 876158 Email -

Equipment Officer

Mr. Kevin Down, Tel. 01271 346991.Mob: 07875462680 E-mail 

Sugworthy key holder

Route Liaison Officer 

Mr. Gareth Drayton,  Mob.07816 986400 Email

Safe Guarding Officers 

Mrs. Bev Down,  Tel. 01271 346991. Mob: 07875 462436. E-mail

Mr. Stephen Spear, Mob: 07971 098493. E-mail

Website Team 

Mr. John Barthram, Tel: 01271 376341 Email

Miss. Megan Down, Tel. 01271 346991.Email -

Magazine Editor

Mr. John Barthram, Tel:01271 376341 Mob:07836 386464 Email -

General Committee: 

Mr. Fred Camp, Mr. Derek Drayton. Mr. Richard Barrow, Mr. Graham Roberts, Mr. Dave Ellis,

Mr. Andy Grant Sugworthy Key Holder, Mr. Trevor Slee, Mr. Tom Upton, Mr. Adam Wonnacott.


President's Appeal


Every year, the President of the North Devon Motor Club selects a charity to benefit from the 'President's Appeal'. During the course of the year, various fund-raising events take place and a cheque is then presented to the chosen charity at the Annual Awards ceremony in February of the following year.

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