Steve Knight Tarka Trial 31st October.

The winter events are now coming on line and this annual trial will soon be upon us. This is a motorcycle only event and we obviously need entrants and, just as important, marshals. The entry is via the ACU website and you can download the event regulations from here.

It is very easy to marshal on a motorcycle trial, if you have not done this before full explanation will be given. We need to cover about 17 observed sections from 8.30am until about 4.00pm. Each section should not take much more than an hour depending on how many entrants we get. So if you can spare part of the day it would really be appreciated and I'm sure you will also have an enjoyable day. To volunteer to marshal please contact Chief Marshal John Barthram Tel: 01271 376341, Mob: 07836 386464, Email:

Click here to download event regulations

Click here to enter the event. (Takes you to the ACU website)


Membership Extended to 2021

Because the lack of events we are able to put on for our members the committee decided to extend 2020 memberships to the end of 2021.

So to confirm, 2020 memberships are valid until 31-12-21, the current members will receive new cards towards the end of this year.

You can download a form to print and post here. 
Join online via PayPal here. 

PCAT's - New Venues!

Following a recent committee meeting one of the topics of conversation that came up was PCATS. NDMC as a motor club wants to facilitate all aspects of motorsport that is feasibly possible and for a long time Kevin Down has carried the flag as main organiser as well as many other flags for the club. But recently we have been lucky to gain the interests of Kevin and Tom Upton who have put a lot of effort into putting on a couple of events which have been greatly received by those who participated, but sadly these events have not had the entries they duly deserve. So at the committee it was also mentioned to run a PCAT championship we need to have a mixture of loose and hard surface events, the hard surface events being a potential tripping point and are currently struggling to find some suitable venues to use so as a bit of a plea if anyone knows of a potential venue to please feel free to contact Kevin Down or Tom Upton who's email details will be listed below. Both Kevin and Tom will welcome any enquiries on potential entries, willing marshals or even if anyone has any questions on a PCAT I.e. how they run, car eligibility entry cost etc. Kevin's email is and Tom's email is

                                                                                  Andy Richards


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